Deposits in Queensland Conveyancing transactions

Confused about the different references to DEPOSITS in conveyancing transactions? There are two types of deposits in a conveyancing transaction which people refer to. The first reference to a deposit is the ‘contract deposit’ a Buyer is required to pay to secure the property in terms of the Contract for the purchase of the property. […]

Stamp duty and buying a property

Stamp duty (now known as Transfer Duty) is a form of tax payable, to the relevant State Government, on the purchase of land. Transfer duty starts off with a basic formula applied to the purchase price of the property or land being purchased. This is the normal rate a Buyer would pay. From the basic […]

Post COVID Court hearings

With Australia seemingly returning to the new normal, dare we say it, “post” COVID… many of the COVID developed technology systems may remain with us in the future. The author acknowledges and respects the fact the Covid pandemic is far from over in other parts of the world. We are immensely appreciative and grateful to […]

Guardianship reforms commenced on 30 November 2020

Important changes to Queensland’s guardianship system came into effect on 30 November 2020. Some of the changes are:- • New forms and explanatory guides • New capacity assessment guidelines • Changes to the general principles and health care principles • Clarity on applying the presumption of capacity • Clarity about the capacity to make an […]

Social Media and its pitfalls…

Social media is a big part of our lives. Social media has changed many things: – 1. the way people access news on various levels, international, national, and local; 2. being informed of developments by Government or Local Authorities; 3. even made normal people famous; 4. being used to advertise businesses; 5. it even influenced […]

New Year resolutions and the law…

We all have them… ‘those’ new year resolutions… usually a whole list of them… but how many of them do we actively pursue and make a reality? Unrealistic resolutions are many. Unrealistic resolutions are made up of hopes and beating fears which are not actioned. Resolutions should be realistic and achievable, alternatively consciously and committedly […]

Bicycles and the road

Bicycles are a type of vehicle and bicycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as motorists when using the road. The best way to describe the above is to think of a bicycle rider as a motor vehicle on the road. Yes, they are slow and may be annoying to some motor vehicle drivers… […]

Enduring Power of Attorney Appointments (EPoA)

What Is an EPoA? An EPoA allows you (the ‘Principal’) to appoint people you can trust (an ‘attorney’) to make decisions for you about personal (health) matters and / or financial matters. Personal matters are matters about your care and welfare such as where and with whom you live. This includes legal matters that do […]

Trees and Neighbours

It is fairly common at times for a neighbour’s tree to grow and for their branches to hang over the fence. The tree may:- • cause branches to fall into the neighbour’s yard; or • be fruit bearing and the fruits may fall into the neighbour’s yard; or • cause damage to the neighbour’s property; […]