To wear a MASK or not…?

It appears some, may we say – many, health professionals suggest we wear a mask when in areas where the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus is higher than the norm.

Until such time, if ever, the Government directs us to wear a mask when moving about ‘outside’ in open public spaces… wearing a mask is discretionary.

HOWEVER… business owners can set their own rules for the public to adhere to when on their premises. Therefore, businesses can dictate to the public they have to wear a mask when entering onto their premises. Businesses can prevent entry onto or into their premises if people do not adhere to their rules and or requirements.

Despite some peoples’ perception, big corporate businesses are not public open spaces, no matter how ingrained those businesses are in terms of culture and society.

The choice is personal – the outcome is easy… if required to wear a mask to enter onto a business’ premises… wear the mask or do not enter.

Lets keep our communities safe and healthy and thereby keeping our local economies going… lets wear our masks when asked to do so.

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