Social Media and its pitfalls…

Social media is a big part of our lives.
Social media has changed many things: –
1. the way people access news on various levels, international, national, and local;
2. being informed of developments by Government or Local Authorities;
3. even made normal people famous;
4. being used to advertise businesses;
5. it even influenced politics…

Yes, social media has been beneficial in many ways, but it has its pitfalls. A person can be held accountable for comments, shares and posts.
Social media makes it easy to share our thoughts, many times without us thinking of the consequences or impacts of our post or whether the post or comment can be construed as defamatory or slanderous.

The law does not acknowledge ignorance as a defence. Therefore stating that a person did not know their comment or post would hurt or damage the image of another person or a business, is not an ‘excuse’.
Before you post, re-post, share, Tweet, re-Tweet or review, think what the outcome of your actions may be. Think of how your actions will impact and/or influence the people who will read your post.

The content of a re-posting which is libellous or untrue can leave a person exposed to a lawsuit. Re-posting amounts to further distribution or publication which is as serious as if the poster made the original statement.
Copyright issues also arise. A person can be held liable for copyright infringement if they share someone else’s work without their permission.

Photographs, videos, music, writing, art is automatically copyright protected, meaning if you use someone else’s photo on a post you might be liable to pay up.
Information shared online may be permanently recorded. Even if the original poster deactivates the account or deletes the post, the information may still be archived or remain on old versions of websites.

Social media certainly has its place in society, lets face it… it is not going away any time soon. And we probably don’t want it to go away. Perhaps social media should simply be understood and seen for its elevated status of influence in society in this day and age.
Through social media every person has a voice, which will be ‘seen’, forever recorded in the archives of the internet. Therefore, every person has then become an ‘influencer’, because our social media actions influences other people.

It is every person’s own decision ultimately to decide what kind of impact their influence will make… a positive one or a negative one… and ultimately how they will be remembered.

Regardless of the above, we should use our social media presence responsibly because it is an extension of our lives.

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