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Baldwins Lawyers is Queensland’s trusted conveyancing practice. 

Conveyancing is the process of transferring property from a Seller to a Buyer. It is regulated by many different acts, regulations, rules and egos. 

At Baldwins Lawyers we cut away all the hype and egos and get down to doing the job – fast, efficient and fairly priced. 

If you’re after a no-nonsense sensible approach to your Queensland conveyancing transaction, then contact us. 

Family Law

Baldwins Lawyers in Gympie and the Sunshine Coast specialise in all aspects of Family Law.

We are dedicated to achieve the best outcome for your unique family law situation. We do our best to protect your rights and assets. We offer focused family law advice and ensure absolute confidentiality. 



At Baldwins Lawyers we take the time to ensure we listen to our clients and take their instructions as to what they want to achieve with regards to the outcome of their distribution of their estates when the inevitable happens. 

We have assisted many clients over the years with their Wills and we ensure they know what their options, explained in simple straight forward language. 

Enduring Power of Attorney

At Baldwins Lawyers we understand how events out of our control may impact life as we are used to it. The uncertainties that come with life changing events can be managed if proper thought and advice is considered in times when we can plan for the future. 

At Baldwins Lawyers we assist our clients to always plan for the future…

Deceased Estates

At Baldwins Lawyers we assist families through the estate administration process, be that with regards to obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court or simply attending to the administration of the estate. 

The compassionate lawyers at Baldwins Lawyers provide guidance and advice through the estate process.   

Aged Care, Health and Retirement Living

The law regulating the aged care, health and retirement village sectors are complex and constantly evolving as the demands of our ageing population expand and develop.

At Baldwins Lawyers we assist our clients to navigate through the jargon to understand their obligations, duties, responsibilities and privileges.  


A mortgage is a legal agreement by which a bank, credit union or building society lends money to a person and in exchange charges such a person interest and takes security over his, her or its property. 

​At Baldwins Lawyers we assist clients with their mortgage and Guarantor requirements. 

We understand the complexities and time constraints with these types of transactions. Contact us to get your deal over the line…

Commercial and Business Transactions

The lawyers at Baldwins Lawyers can assist clients with their business sales or purchases. We can also assist clients with their Partnership or Shareholder agreements, setting up Trusts and Corporate entities. 

The corporate and commercial world is hard, fast, unforgiving and ruthless and generally not run by lawyers. Legal documents are often complex, long and difficult to read. At Baldwins Lawyers we help clients make sensible decisions by providing sensible legal advice, easy to understand.

We also draft documents in plain language which is understandable, relatable and usable. 

Commercial Leasing

At Baldwins Lawyers we assist clients with their commercial and retail leasing requirements. Often this area of practice requires negotiation within tight time frames. We assist clients to make the right choices when it comes to long term high value decisions.  

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