Post COVID Court hearings

With Australia seemingly returning to the new normal, dare we say it, “post” COVID… many of the COVID developed technology systems may remain with us in the future.

The author acknowledges and respects the fact the Covid pandemic is far from over in other parts of the world. We are immensely appreciative and grateful to the Federal and respective State Government leaders who guided us, thus far, through the worldwide pandemic to this stage where our society can operate and move almost freely as we did at the beginning of 2020. We are truly a very blessed Country!

The Department of Justice rapidly adjusted to the reality it faced with the start of the Covid pandemic and created a workable solution and system of virtual hearings.

Initially the Department of Justice created virtual Court hearings held by phone, which later developed into video hearings.

These virtual hearings were mostly held in the Federal Court and Family Law Court systems, relating to mentions and directions hearings.

It appears the Courts and its participants are predominantly in favour of the idea to continue to operate with this developing system.

Most legal practices have adopted and made provision for the changes by acquiring the necessary technology in their offices to participate in a virtual Court room, either by conference phones or video technology.

The reality remains though… we are still dealing with the Court system which requires and demands our respect. The system can only operate successfully if everyone participates with the necessary respect to the Court system.

Most of the Court sessions are video linked and therefore the Presiding Officers (Magistrates / Judges) can see the participants. It is therefore important for participants to be appropriately dressed and act with the necessary respect and cutesy at all times.

We look forward to see what technology and the Department of Justice will be doing in the new year.

Leading into the Christmas week, may we use this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

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