New Year resolutions and the law…

We all have them… ‘those’ new year resolutions… usually a whole list of them… but how many of them do we actively pursue and make a reality?

Unrealistic resolutions are many. Unrealistic resolutions are made up of hopes and beating fears which are not actioned.
Resolutions should be realistic and achievable, alternatively consciously and committedly actioned.
I’ve personally had ‘those’ resolutions before, noting “this will be the year I’m going to get my act together, plan properly and get my life in order”.

The resolutions are usually listed on a serviette, with a borrowed pen at ten minutes to twelve before the new year kicks off. Sometimes, maybe not always, after a couple of glasses of bubblies. The next time the list is reviewed is usually in March when the first cleanout for the year happens. A brief reality check of what happened on new year’s eve… somewhat of an afterthought about the list of resolutions, acceptance that life is what it is and a conscious decision to accept life’s current routine… which is mostly the same as the year before.

So, from a legal perspective, if this is really going to be the year in which you get your act together… what should you be doing this year…
Perhaps start off by planning your legal requirements.
1. Start off by asking yourself whether your estate planning is in order.
a. Is your Will up to date?
b. Is your Enduring Power of Attorney up to date?
c. Is your Advance Health Directive up to date?
2. Is your property correctly noted on title?
a. Were there any changes in relationships?
3. Do you have any new business plans for the year ahead?
a. Are my legal structures in place?
b. Is my family trust’s trustees up to date?
4. If you are in business…
a. Are all your employment agreements up to date?
b. Is your Work, Health and Safety systems in order and compliant?
c. Are you compliant with the relevant Award?
d. Are your business licences up to date?

If those items noted, or any other aspect in your life, comes up as “not currently up to date” then perhaps you should plan and act to, during the course of the year, tick the resolution relating to your personal legal affairs off your list by contacting your lawyer and getting them to assist you getting your legal issues current and up to date.

This way you can tick off at least one new year’s resolution off that list.
We wish all the readers a Happy New Year and our hope is 2021 will be a great year for you and your families.

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