Firearm Law Australia

Firearm Law Australia…. thank our lucky stars for the Australian gun laws… well, at least that is one of the reasons why we do not have similar unfortunate events which occur in the USA on a regular basis.

North Lakes in Brisbane recently had a scare with a public threat by an individual to use firearms on random individuals. These types of threats seem to be a regular occurrence in the USA, but since gun control in Australia is so well regulated we don’t seem to have many similar threats and tragedies here, thankfully. The other reason is obviously because the Australian Police Force is on top of their game as to what is happening in society and therefore they can act in a preventative manner, and ultimately protect us as well as they do.

Australian Gun Laws

So what do the Australian gun laws dictate in terms of being able to own and possess a firearm? The Firearm laws in Australia require an individual wishing to own or use a gun, crossbow, paintball gun, and even certain types of knives to obtain a valid weapons’ licence.

The most commonly held weapons’ licence in Queensland is a general ‘Firearms Licence’ which is suitable for the needs of farmers and sports and target shooters.

First you need a valid weapons’ licence. With a valid weapons licence you then need a permit to acquire a firearm. The whole process is explained in more detail here on the Queensland Government’s website.

To qualify for a gun licence you must:

Always remember that if you do own a firearm and you change address you need to inform the police if you change your home or weapons storage address within 14 days of the change.

In my personal opinion a society without guns is a society better off than one with guns, but hey, that is just my personal opinion, and everyone is entitled to one, that is an opinion – not a gun. In my mind a gun remains a tool made for a specific purpose, be that for protection or for the passionate people out there that use guns for their sporting activities.

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